7 Ways To Succeed In Your First Year In Real Estate

Your first year in real estate will either make you or break you. It sets the foundation for success or takes you down a path of failure.

Here’s how to to ensure a successful career:

  1. Discover what drives you. Many people talk about figuring out your “Big Why.” What drives you? It has to outweigh your fear or bad habits. It will enable you to push through the difficult and frustrating times.
  2. Commit to learning. Constantly. Learn everything you can about real estate. Surround yourself with agents who have succeeded and are willing to share their experiences. Listen to their failures.
  3. Fail forward. Fail fast. Don’t hesitate for a fear of failing. Failing and learning lessons takes you to the next level. Do it as fast as you can. Push through your doubt and rewire your thinking that failing is a negative.
  4. Hold your self accountable by hiring a coach. This is the best investment you can make. You may not feel motivated but you need to do it anyway. An experienced coach will keep you moving toward your goals. Being on your own may lead to foundering.
  5. Establish a schedule and be consistent. Remember, this is the career you are committing to and there will be tasks that you just won’t want to do. Because of the flexibility and autonomy in this business, it’s simply not for people who cannot commit to goals and execute.
  6. Prospect for 3 hours a day. First thing in the morning. Don’t allow anything to interfere. If you cannot get it done in the morning, you must rearrange your afternoon or evening to get it done.
  7. Focus on your 3 most powerful sources of business. Don’t spread your prospecting efforts too thin. Understand your return on investment, capitalize on the sources that are profitable and drop those that are not.

The attrition rate in real estate is higher than many other careers. You have control over the outcome by establishing habits that grow your business. Contact us for a personal consultation whether you are considering a real estate career or need a blueprint for success.

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