7 Reasons Why The 1st Quarter Matters In Real Estate

Starting your real estate business off in the first quarter will determine how successful your year is. Being purposeful about starting your year off right will increase your business flow and set you on the path to reach your goals.1ST-QUARTER.jpg

  1. Starting your year off ahead of goal builds your confidence. Real estate is always challenging and it’s simply less stressful to be ahead instead of playing catch up throughout the year.
  2. Momentum. It is “impetus gained by a moving object”. Momentum feels good and will get you through the challenges of being in real estate.
  3. Front¬†loading. Transactions fall apart during your year so you need to work with more people that you think and know your conversion points. Also, I’m a big believer in “front loading” your day, week, month and year to get to your goals faster.
  4. Winterization. Seasonality kicks in starting in November. That’s the time to begin planning for the next year to shore up and make up for seasonality. Doubling your efforts will ensure a solid first quarter pay off.
  5.  Bills are still flowing in and money is going out. When you are adhering to your budget, you need closed transactions to balance your budget in the early part of the year.
  6. Listings are your “windshield”/future business. Focusing on dominating your market in the first quarter leads a solid spring market for you. Whoever controls the inventory, controls the market.
  7. By having a busy and successful first quarter, you’re treating your business like a business. You’ll grow every year by crushing your goals early.


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