Living A Purposeful Real Estate Life

Being successful in any business requires planning and taking action that will lead to positive growth.

Living a purposeful real estate life includes:

  1. Setting a definitive plan for growth and continually reviewing it during the year. This must be a living and breathing document that you know by heart. It’s fluid in nature and will help you stay on track.
  2. Knowing your numbers. Knowing exactly what your results have been against your plan will give you the incentive to readjust your actions or your plan. You’re making forward moment because you have become aware of where your business stands and what actions need to be adjusted.
  3. Lead generating every day for a minimum of two hours. Build your “bunker” where you are not distracted from your most important daily goal: talking to more people. Apply your systems¬†and tools to help keep track of your new leads.
  4. Reinvesting in your business. By knowing your numbers and what is bringing you success and what is not, you can reinvest in the right things. Knowing your conversion numbers is also vital to stop plowing money into those systems that may not be giving you a high enough return.
  5. Being grateful for your success. By recognizing the amazing opportunity you have to build and fund a big life for yourself. Journal each day and write about the people and things that keep you in a mode of gratitude.2015-purposeful-2-1024x1024

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