Business Planning = $ucce$$

Business Planning is crucial to setting your real estate business up for success. November is the month to firm up your plan and know exactly what actions you will be taking to lay the groundwork for 2018 business. Establishing and filling your pipeline in November and December results in closings in January and February, giving you a headstart on your year.

Since real estate runs in 60-day cycles, waiting to examine your year (and your numbers) in January is too late. You will need to “know¬†your numbers” and what’s in your pipeline. With focus on your business, you will have better control, less stress and create momentum for the entire year.

Contact us for your specific business plan and ask about Career Growth Initiative (CGI). By establishing your net income goal, we can show you what activities and how many appointments you will need to reach your goal. We also will talk with you about how to keep yourself on track with lead generation and follow up.

2018 can be your best real estate year ever!

Hand writing Time to Plan concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.


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