Can You Work As a Part Time Real Estate Agent?

There are many considerations when making a decision about a part-time real estate career. You may have financial limitations and cannot make the full jump into real estate. The broker you choose to affiliate with should be included in your discussions about your commitment to your career.

Real estate is a complex industry and agents need to know about many different real estate-related topics. You will also need to stay up to date on current laws and local practices. Market knowledge remains an important part of delivering a high level of service to your clients, whether you are working with buyers or sellers. As you launch your career, you will need to have a laser focus on learning and understanding the real estate process.

The support system in your brokerage, including education, training and coaching, will be a factor in your success. Your ability to service clients should always be the focus of any decision to enter the real estate business part-time.

You may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my goal to go into real estate full-time? If yes, what is your time frame to go from part-time to full-time?
  • What training and education do you need to effectively work with clients? (Remember, your licensing class is just the beginning.)
  • Does the company you are affiliating with have a productivity coach or mentoring program?
  • Will you able to respond to your clients quickly to meet their needs?
  • Do you have a “buddy system” as back-up to deal with client appointments, negotiations, to answer questions?
  • How will you stay current with the real estate market and laws?
  • Can you carve out enough time to build a successful real estate business?

Let us know if speaking with a Keller Williams Realty Team Leader can help you process your decision on entering into the real estate business.



  1. Looking for a Broker that will allow part time agents. Currently with another firm but they do not want me working another job. I have to have the Insurance and not financially ready to go full time.
    Have had my license a year did not get started right away but have sold 3 homes and leased 2.
    Have two more clients that are looking to purchase before end of year.

    So would like to know your fees/ dues
    Education etc

    Sheila Anderson

    1. Sheila,
      I apologize. Your email was in my spam. Can you give me your email address/phone. I’ll connect with your local KW office and help you. What town are you located in? Thanks, Melissa Riley

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