Top Tips For Passing Your Real Estate Exam The First Time

We interview many people who are interested in securing their real estate license. No matter what background or age, most have anxiety about test-testing.

Here are our top tips for passing your real estate test the first time:

Preparation is key. You’ll need time to thoroughly study the material, whether you are in a class environment or online. You will need to study and absorb many chapters and modules of information. Much of it will be new material for you.

Days before the test, eat healthier, sleep better and hydrate. You do not want to walk in on exam day hungry, tired or thirsty. Your body and brain have to be at their highest energy possible for you be able to recall the test material.

When you sit down to take the test, stop. Take three deep breaths. While you are breathing in and out, slow down your heart rate and visualize a positive outcome for the test. You’ll have enough time to finish so take this time to de-stress and give yourself a pep talk.

Test-taking strategy comes into play here. Be prepared to read each question three times. (Yes, three times.) It gives your brain an opportunity to fully understand the question and to “recall” the answer. Some students even cover up the answers to help them focus and slow down.

Go through the test and answer all of the questions that you are confident about. You’ll begin to see how much you know and feel great about all of the studying you have done. (Your confidence will begin to build.) Skip the questions that you cannot answer readily. (You’ll come back.) And, skip all of the math questions. Math is a different side of the brain so you’ll want to save those for last.

Stop. Stretch and breathe deep again.

Go back through the questions that you thought you didn’t know. Frequently, by skipping questions, your memory will be jogged or a test question later in the test will actually answer the question you originally struggled with.

Here’s where process of elimination becomes powerful. There are always answers that you can eliminate to help to increase your odds. There may be a few questions that you will simply have to guess at. Remember, you don’t need to pass 100% of the test.

Go back through and get ready to be the math rock star you are. Use the same strategy by eliminating, what appear to be, unreasonable answers. Many math questions can be tricky because you will have to fully convert the answer to the correct units (yards, months). It’s a common mistake on math questions. Again, don’t rush and double-check your answers.

Go back through one last time, making sure you have answered every question on the test!

Remember, the licensing exam has no bearing on the success of your real estate career. Study, prepare your body and brain, relax, and have a positive attitude! You will significantly increase your odds to passing the first time!



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